VDI with UDS Enterprise in the XCP-ng forum

by | Jan 15, 2020

As you know, the UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng developer companies have been working together for some time to offer customers a highly competitive 100% Open Source VDI solution both technically and economically.

From the beginning, the XCP-ng community has shown great interest in the connection broker for desktop and application virtualization. The UDS Enterprise team receives daily requests to download the software, inquiries about its operation and about the integration with the hypervisor developed by Vates. Therefore, a few months ago we decided to open a specific thread in the XCP-ng forum on the compatibility of both solutions.

This thread, titled “VDI & vApp with XCP-ng & UDS Enterprise”, was created to provide all users with an agile, close and efficient communication channel where all questions and issues recorded when installing and implementing a virtual desktops and applications infrastructure with UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng are centralized.

So if you are a user of the XenServer-based hypervisor, we invite you to download our VDI broker for free and post your comments, ratings and questions on the XCP-ng forum. The UDS Enterprise team will be happy to help you with everything you need through this channel and, as usual, via our email [email protected]

We’d like to remind that UDS Enterprise is the first VDI and vApp solution (and for now the only one) certified by Vates as XCP-ng Ready. The compatibility of both software has been thoroughly tested and verified by the developer team of the Open Source hypervisor, guaranteeing the optimal operation of a joint solution.

UDS Enterprise is also compatible with another of the solutions developed by Vates, the Xen Orchestra management interface. Together with XCP-ng they form a turnkey 100% Open Source VDI solution including all the necessary components to build, manage and deploy a Windows and Linux desktop and application virtualization infrastructure in a simple, secure and truly cost-effective way.

At this link you can see a webinar in which all the details about this Open Source VDI solution are explained.

One of the organizations that is already benefiting from the multiple advantages of having UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra in production is the Public Centre for Social Welfare in Eupen (Belgium). In this article you will find all the technical details of their desktop virtualization project.

Finally, we’d like to remember that organizations belonging to the Educational Sector enjoy special conditions in their UDS Enterprise subscription when purchasing the VDI joint solution composed of the three components mentioned above.



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