What’s new in static machines management with UDS Enterprise

by | Jan 22, 2018

UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker allows you to register multiple Service Providers and use them simultaneously. It supports the vast majority of hypervisor platforms of the market as well as Microsoft RDS for the virtualization of application sessions. Another of these Service Providers is "Static IP Machine Provider", which has incorporated interesting features in the latest stable version of UDS Enterprise.

With this service provider, there is a possibility of connecting one or more users to one or several machines (physical or virtual) using the “Static Multiple IP” service type, always complying with the rule of a machine for a user. In the definition of the service, we would indicate one or several IP addresses of our machines and UDS Enterprise would be in charge of the assigning and opening connections with them.

As a novelty, UDS Enterprise 2.1 incorporates a new type of service called “Static Simple IP“, which will allow you connecting several users to different sessions of the same server machine, emulating, for example, a Terminal Server session server. Therefore, you will just have to indicate the IP address of the server in the service definition, and UDS Enterprise will connect the users to different sessions within the server.

The UDS Enterprise development team continues working to include new Service Providers. In fact, the next version, UDS Enterprise 2.2, which will be available during this first quarter of 2018, will include support for the VMware vCloud Director platform. Soon we will tell you all the details of this new functionality in a new article on our blog.



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