Why Google and Microsoft open source their projects?

by | Feb 3, 2016

Tech giants are lately releasing the code of many solutions. It seems to be an altruist way of helping the Open Source community, but this supposed change of mind could be part of an enterprise strategy.

Such is the case of Google and Microsoft, that are hitting the headlines and social media for open sourcing some of their products.

Analyzing Google’s steps regarding cloud and container solutions, it seems that they’re open sourcing them in order to promote the paid versions. Kubernetes, Seesaw or TensorFlow free versions are limited or very hard to manage if you’re not an expert, so for most companies it is cheaper to buy them.

Microsoft’s strategy is different. Google tries to drive adoption, but Microsoft releases the code of their cloud projects as a competitive advantage, in order to face more mature solutions. That’s why their Open Source versions are more complete and include more functionalities.

It is clear that the motivations to release Open Source projects are different for companies and for individuals; while it is true that both are very helpful for the community.

Source: InfoWorld



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