Higher Degree Project with UDS Enterprise

by | Sep 7, 2017

Our UDS Enterprise connection broker is used every day by thousands of users around the world to deploy and manage virtual desktops with one of the free versions of our software . And not only that; It is also used in educational environments to teach you how to set up desktop virtualization platforms, because their installation, administration and usability are very easy and simple. Lately, we have been updated that our software has been used for the elaboration of a Project of Higher Education in the Management of Information Systems in the Network.

The student Daniel González Santos, from the IES Virgen de la Paloma in Madrid decided to use UDS Enterprise for his undergraduate final project because “it supports multiple methods of authentication, multiple hypervisors and communication protocols simultaneously, and allows deploying remote desktops and virtual applications”. In addition, according to his project “it is observed that the application continues to improve constantly and has a rich documentation material.”

González has had the help of the UDS Enterprise team to run his VDI lab with UDS Enterprise so that he could prepare the corresponding project and present it to the defense committee by performing a live demonstration. “I am immensely grateful for the support I received from the entire UDS Enterprise team, without their help it would not have been possible,” he says.

The result of his work could not have been better. Daniel has obtained a grade of 10 with honor, and hence he became a Superior Technician of Information Systems Management in the Network.

“Undoubtedly, thanks to the knowledge gained during the development of my project, I feel able to implement this great solution in any company for which I would work and recommend VirtualCable as an excellent company of trust,” Daniel González concludes.



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