What’s new in UDS Enterprise 1.7 II

by | Jun 25, 2015

At the begining of this week we explained some of the improvements introduced in the new version of our VDI connection broker for Windows and Linux. Today we continue listing the improvements introduced by UDS Enterprise 1.7.

The development team has added a custom CoRD built inside UDS Enterprise, making simpler to download it, the OS Managers now include "max idle allowed" configuration and authentication fixes regarding Ldap have been performed, including possible security related issues.

In addition, a new “Maintenance Mode” has been incorporated to providers. A provider can be marked as “on Maintenance Mode” and in this way, every operation depending on this provider will be “paused” and deployed services will be “hidden” from users.

As for transports, RDP have new functionalities (also mounts /media, not only /home on Linux if drives are redirected..) and support for new resolutions ( 199×1080…) has been included.

The REST API has been upgraded and now It also supports XML. All items are now accessed by an uuid and it has been added “ticketing” to allow easy third party integration (for example, Moodle).

There are still some improvements left, so stay tuned to our social channels because we’ll publish them in short.



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