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How to virtualize desktops using UDS broker?

This publication is a video tutorial, explained by JMG Virtual Consulting, on how to virtualize desktops with the broker UDS Enterprise VDI, developed by Virtual Cable S.L.U, in order to reduce costs.

How to tune UDS Enterprise display

UDS Enterprise allows customization in order to provide the tool with the corporate appearance requested by each client. You will be able to modify both the general appearance of the different administration pages and the web access dashboard.

Next release: UDS Enterprise 2.1

We received the nice spring time with interesting news: we are finalizing the details of UDS Enterprise 2.1. The beta version will be available starting Monday, March 3rd, and the final version will be released during the next weeks.

Configure UDS Enterprise in High Availability

The components of UDS Enterprise (UDS server and UDS tunnel) can be configured in high availability (HA) so that in the event of any of these elements failing, it should be either by a failure of the hosting hypervisor or the Virtual Appliance itself, and a user or administrator does not lose access to the system.

How to upgrade your UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise upgrade is a quick and easy process, but we should bear in mind some tasks that must be performed before updating and which ones are essential for the new version to work properly.


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