Configure UDS Enterprise in High Availability

by | Mar 28, 2017

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The components of UDS Enterprise (UDS server and UDS tunnel) can be configured in high availability (HA) so that in the event of any of these elements failing, it should be either by a failure of the hosting hypervisor or the Virtual Appliance itself, and a user or administrator does not lose access to the system.

UDS Enterprise can be configured in HA using any load balancer that supports TCP and HTTP modes.

In this article we show a summary of the configuration as detailed in the manual of UDS Enterprise in high availability using HAProxy software.

For the correct deployment of UDS Enterprise in high availability we will need the following elements:

HAProxy Server

MySQL Server

UDS Server (broker)

UDS Tunel Server

Basic requirements are:



UDS Server (broker)

UDS Tunnel Server

To see further details with configuration screenshots, visit our UDS Enterprise in HA manual.



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