Unifying IP services with UDS Enterprise

by | Feb 10, 2015

Thanks to its flexibility and openness, UDS Enterprise has multiple applications, from VDI platforms deployment, right up until disaster recovery strategies, throughout desktop management and security improvements. But not only that. This multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux can be also used to unify any IP service registered in the system.

In this way, this software allows to configure, administer and manage nearly any IP service deployed in your network or Data Center. It provides access to virtual desktops, FTP servers, shared resources, VoIP and IP cameras through specific management models as a service. Thus, UDS Enterprise allows different IP services to interact among each other, offering a complete solution management and administration for any IT platform in a simple, robust and scalable way.

Europ Assistance, a leading insurance company, is one of the organizations that relies on UDS Enterprise to “deploy and manage virtual desktops and VoIP phone services simply and easily”, says the Director of Computing and Communications for Europ Assistance España, Santiago Pérez. This company wanted to equip the IT department with an efficient user station management system, integrate VoIP and virtual desktops for Call Center users and reduce platform costs.

The UDS Enterprise development team worked to integrate the broker with their VoIP system and develop an unified authentication system for their Call Center; thereby meeting the client’s needs and performing an immediate deployment of user stations based on campaigns, assigning virtual desktop and IP extension to the independent users at the connection terminal; and offering the employees the possibility to work remotely via telecommuting. Cost saving has been achieved thanks to the adaptation of UDS Enterprise to make it compatible with certain models of thin client, avoiding also the obsolescence of the same. The multihipervisor feature of the connection broker allowed also to leverage the existing platform for the deployment of desktops and servers required, thus avoiding an unnecessary increase in the costs of acquisition and maintenance of the new platform.

In short, UDS Enterprise has managed to simplify and unify all management and maintenance-level OS, updates, patches, and the Call Center’s appplication of Europ Assistance.



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