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UDS Enterprise random password OS manager

An OS Manager runs a previously configured service. The UDS Actor, hosted on the virtual desktop or application server, is responsible for the interaction between the OS and the Broker based on the configuration or chosen type of OS Manager .

Access UDS VDI services through Moodle

The University of Málaga, as one of our active collaborators running UDS Enterprise, developed a Moodle Plugin and integrated it into their Moodle platform to provide direct access to students to virtual desktops and applications through their course material.

Webinars: Nutanix, UDS and OpenStack

JMG Virtual Consulting prepares a new season of its webinars, which will begin with two events dedicated to the hyperconvergent solutions of Nutanix and OpenStack, respectively the next 21 and 23 March.

Persistent desktops with UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise provides access to persistent desktops, physical or virtual hosted on other platforms. This option, among others, adds more flexibility to the entire UDS Enterprise platform in terms of versatility and ease of use.

Task scheduling in UDS Enterprise

UDS Enterprise incorporates a system of access through calendars, they allow to enable or restrict the access of users to services such as virtual desktops and virtual applications by time and date.


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