Deploy RDS Virtual vApp with UDS Enterprise

by | Feb 14, 2017

UDS Enterprise's "RDS Application Provider" makes it easy to deploy virtual applications through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Through the “RDS Application Provider” of UDS Enterprise, you can virtualize all applications and tools that can be run in a Windows environment such as MS Office, Photoshop and much more.

The creation of an “RDS Platform Provider” service provider is simple and can be done following these steps:

-Under “Services”, click on “New” and select “RDS Platform Provider”.

– Fill in the fields: Name, List of servers, User list for mapping and User’s password that appear in the configuration window.

-With “test” button you can check that the connection is successful.

-Upon saving you have a valid “RDS Platform Provider” Service Provider created.

To configure a service based on “RDS Platform RemoteAPP”, select the desired “Service Provider” and click on “New”.

-Configure the parameters: Name, Application path and Max. Allowed service that appear in the configuration window.

-Upon saving you have a valid “RDS Platform RemoteAPP”.

To see the full configuration details with screenshots, read our Configuration manual and user guide, section 4.1.9, page 129.



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