Advantages of Linux virtual desktops

by | Sep 18, 2014

The versatility of UDS Enterprise allows connection to Linux machines using a wide variety of alternatives, among which are those that incorporate access via HTML5. The broker itself is responsible for automating the deployment of Linux virtual desktops, managing their life cycles at all times.

A user station based on Linux provides many advantages, for example, a greater security, since it is more difficult to attack this operating system through malware and the system complicates the execution of actions or the running of processes that are harmful. If it detects them, it isolates them very quickly thanks to its modular nature.

Besides, it is possible to use business solutions and applications based on Open Source and users can also run those which are linked to other operating systems, such as Microsoft Office.

On the other hand, the use of resources is much more limited, since Linux manages hardware resources, both physical and virtual, in a much more optimal way than other operating systems. This brings about cost savings in the physical equipment needed to operate, maintain and administer the system. As it is not necessary to purchase licenses you also get important savings and that allow making a higher inversion to improve the business processes of the organization.

The connection to virtual desktops with Linux shows UDS Enterprise strong commitment for Open Source. This commitment is also reflected in its sales model, which is based on periodic support subscriptions without needing to purchase licenses, in the use of Open Source tools for its development and in the possibility of deploying virtual desktops on different Open Source hypervisors.



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