Persistent desktops with UDS Enterprise

by | Feb 6, 2017

UDS Enterprise provides access to persistent desktops, physical or virtual hosted on other platforms. This option, among others, adds more flexibility to the entire UDS Enterprise platform in terms of versatility and ease of use.

Access to persistent devices (physical or virtual) is achieved by assigning fixed IP addresses to users. The assignment of IP addresses to users is done by FIFO order, ie the first user to access this service is consumes the first IP address of the list. If multiple users will access the same device, it is necessary to register the same IP address as many times as users wish to connect. In order to be able to connect to the machine with the assigned IP address, the machine must be turned on.

To register a service provider of type “Static IP Machines Provider” all you need is to click on the button “New” in the section “Services” and select “Static IP Machines Provider”. Later, you will have to fill in the form with required details.

After creating the “Service Provider”, you must create base services of type “static IP machine service”. To do this, select the desired “Service Provider” and click on “New” and fill out the forms. In the “List of IPs” field, you can duplicate the IP addresses according to the number of users or the set sessions.

To know more details with screenshots of the configuration, check our user administration manual, section 4.1.8, page 123.



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