Next release: UDS Enterprise 2.1

by | Mar 30, 2017

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We received the nice spring time with interesting news: we are finalizing the details of UDS Enterprise 2.1. The beta version will be available starting Monday, March 3rd, and the final version will be released during the next weeks.

In this new version we have incorporated many corrections and improvements all over our system, as well as support for new versions of service providers:

-VMWare (Improvements in management have been incorporated through VMWare).

-OpenNebula (Support for version 5 of OpenNebula).

-OVirt (Now supports version 4.x).

-OpenStack (Supports from Liberty to Ocata).

-RDS (now supports AD credential redirection).

-Physical Machines (The option of 1 Machine for N users is incorporated).

-Nutanix (Supports the latest version of Nutanix Acropolis).

In the new release, we would highlight the following elements:

-Major improvements on the actor, including the incorporation of new mechanisms to add machines to domains.

-New language pack (Arabic).

-Integration of new options in connection RDP Windows and linux that improve the user experience.

-Improvement of HTML5 connectivity (new options to better choose the quality / consumption ratio).

-Incorporation of X2GO as a protocol supported for access to Linux machines.

PCoIP support, as well as access through the Teradicci client.

-Improvement of the Dashboard, which will further facilitate the administration tasks.

These and other new features make the launch of UDS Enterprise 2.1 another success.



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