24×7 workplace with UDS Enterprise: How it works

by | Dec 4, 2015

At the beginning of this week we explained the architecture of RemotePC project, which was presented at RedIRIS Technical Conference 2015. In this post we're digging deeper into the way the different elements interact to guarantee 24x7 access to the universities' computers in the ICT classrooms.

The user accesses from the website provided by the university and UDS Enterprise gives the order to OpenGnsys to enable remote access to one of the devices available in the computer classroom and the operating system it has to run.

At the same time, OpenGnsys gives UDS Enterprise the connection data to the remote device and the user’s device receives automatically the access credentials and connects to the device through the multiplatform connection broker.

To make this process the faster possible, there are always some computers pre-booted and ready for users to connect anytime and anywhere.

The university IT administrators can set a wide range of configuration options: what devices are available to remote access, when they are available, what operating systems they may run…

In addition, UDS Enterprise is compatible with multiple authentication systems and connection protocols, so each university can use the ones that best fit their needs or that ones which they are already using. They can also set network restrictions; they can enable connections from classrooms in the campus so that students can use they own devices (BYOD trend) during the lessons to access the programs installed in the ICT labs.

For further info about this project, watch the full conference by Ramón Gómez Labrador from University of Sevilla (in Spanish).



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