Over 500,000 students access VDI and vApp with UDS Enterprise

by | Sep 28, 2021

September is the month of the reopening of schools, institutes, universities and other training centers. A beginning of the academic year that is again marked by Covid-19 and in which face-to-face learning is once again partial. Many educational centers have opted for hybrid models of assistance to cope with possible new confinements and to maintain social distancing measures.

Virtual Cable estimates that during this start of the academic year its solution UDS Enterprise VDI is helping more than 500,000 users to continue with their academic activity in a simple and secure way. Students, teachers, researchers and administration and services personnel have access to virtual desktops, virtualized applications or devices located on campus through UDS Enterprise.

Training centers need technological solutions that provide simplicity, high levels of automation, scalability and centralized management that allow their IT teams to ignore these issues in order to focus on offering the best possible service to their users.

Solutions like UDS Enterprise VDI help IT teams deliver virtualized desktops and applications, regardless of the components used. It is a solution capable of adapting to the needs of any organization, no matter the number of users. In fact, the latest version UDS Enterprise 3.0 includes new functionalities to improve remote working and eLearning environments , which makes it a truly valuable tool for these use cases.

A clear example is that educational centers around the world such as the Carlos III University of Madrid, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Salamanca, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Catholic University of Louvain , the ESIC Business School or Hewlett-Woodmere Public School in New York already use this software to give access to thousands of users.

We are very proud to be one of the pieces that have allowed many academic centers to start the course with students who connect remotely at any time, from any place and device,” says
Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable. “Remote working, and distance learning are here to stay, so organizations must continue to adapt to change and install flexible solutions that allow users to access their applications quickly and easily, but without neglecting security.”

Thanks to the integration of the UDS Enterprise solution, we can continue to provide service to students and university staff in the event of new confinements, maintaining security measures against the pandemic,” explains Eduard Ricou, head of infrastructure IT of La Salle Campus Barcelona – Ramon Llull University. “For us, it is essential to have robust and safe tools that help us continue with academic activity without interruptions.”

For more information, read and download the full press release.

Some of our clients in the Education sector explain the details of their VDI projects and their experience with UDS Enterprise in our Case Studies.



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