Deployment of UDS Enterprise with OpenStack

by | Jan 3, 2017

UDS Enterprise 2.0 supports OpenStack as a hypervisor for access and management of virtual desktops, adding a set of advantages and flexibility in terms of transport protocols, authenticators, etc ...

The ease of integration, installation, use and access to virtual desktops are other of the benefits that OpenStack incorporates with UDS Enterprise.

To read more details about the advantages of UDS Enterprise integration with OpenStack, check our blog article.

The integration of OpenStack with UDS Enterprise is simple and can be summarized in the following steps:

Access your account in MyUDS and download UDS Enterprise Appliances compatible with OpenStack.

Unzip the files.

Import the unzipped files from the OpenStack interface.

Provide the installation wizard with the name of the new machine and location of the UDS image.

Create Template with the recommended hardware configuration.

Double check the details of the created image.

Open console and start configuring the UDS VM.

Check this manual for a details and screenshots of the deployment of UDS Enterprise VDI with OpenNebula.



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