El Rincón High School tests the Virtualized IT Classroom with UDS

by | Mar 9, 2021

The Virtualized IT Classrooms developed by our Gold Partner Velorcios Group are immersed in their first pilot experience. Through the Ministry of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of the Canary Islands, Velorcios Group and El Rincón High School from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have signed a collaboration agreement to launch this project based on UDS Enterprise's VDI technology.

Like many other centers, this secondary school faced the challenge caused by the closure and limited capacity of computer rooms in the wake of the pandemic. Thanks to the Virtualized IT Classroom, they have at their disposal a replica of the IT laboratories in a cloud environment to be able to teach the classes that were offered in this space online.

Each student has a virtual desktop with all the software he needs. The teacher VDI also has special software that allows to monitor students and interact with their desktops in real-time. They are all accessible 24×7 from anywhere and on any device. They only need an internet connection and enter a username and password to access the virtual training space.

Its configuration and commissioning are practically immediate, it is easy to use for students and teachers. Besides, the desktops installed in the cloud are an economic solution, since they do not imply an investment in new equipment neither for the center nor for the students,” stands out from Velorcios Group. The desktops are hosted in the Velorcios cloud and are managed through UDS Enterprise by its team of professionals so that schools do not have to assume any extra task.

Pedro Andueza, CEO of the company, explained that for them, “it is essential to offer a technological solution that helps the education sector to alleviate the effects of the pandemic, in such a way that it is not necessary to stop teaching in the centers. It is part of our commitment to the education sector and thus, we collaborate to reduce the digital divide.”

The fight against the digital divide and economic inequality by providing an identical solution for all students is only one of the objectives achieved with the implementation of this project. Likewise, the educational organizations that adopt this IT proposal manage to promote equal opportunities in the academic field, to be respectful with the environment and be fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the European Union.

This new Virtualized IT Classroom is the fruit of a close collaboration between technologists, teachers, and the UDS Enterprise team. It guarantees an efficient, safe, simple, and economical solution so that all schools, institutes, universities, and training centers of any kind can keep their teaching practice intact by complying with the security measures dictated by the health authorities to fight against Covid-19.

The innovative nature of this project has been highlighted by numerous Spanish media, which have spread the news:

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Velorcios Group desarrolla el ‘Aula de Informática Virtualizada’ para impartir clases telemáticas y monitorizar al alumnado – Atlántico Hoy

Velorcios Group y el I.E.S. El Rincón firman un acuerdo de colaboración para poner en marcha el proyecto de ‘Aula de Informática Virtualizada’ – IES El Rincón

For more information about the Virtualized IT Classroom based on UDS Enterprise VDI technology, see Velorcios Group’s website.



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