Full VDI stack: UDS Enterprise + XCP-ng + Xen Orchestra

by | Nov 13, 2018

The technological Alliance between VirtualCable and Vates provides interesting and innovative advantages to partners and customers. Both companies have come to an agreement to offer a complete turnkey VDI solution, which is positioned as a truly cost-effective alternative to other solutions in the market.

The joint solution consists of three components that are fully compatible with each other:

  • UDS Enterprise VDI & vApp connection broker, which allows you to manage and deploy Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications, managing the full life cycle of VDI & vApp automatically in a safe, fast and easy way.

  • XCP-ng, the Open Source hypervisor based on XenServer that incorporates most features found in Citrix hypervisor together with exclusive features, such as ZFS support, Ceph support…

  • Xen Orchestra, an interface with all the necessary tools to back up, manage virtual machines… in short, to efficiently and easily manage the full infrastructure.

These three components can be tested completely free of charge and are commercialized through economical subscriptions that, among other advantages, guarantee an efficient and personalized professional support service. This marketing model allows VDI projects to be implemented in companies and organizations of any size, without cost scaling being an obstacle for these projects to go ahead.

With a common philosophy, focused on avoiding expensive license fees and manufacturers’ dependence, VirtualCable and Vates have developed products based on Open Source to offer unlimited flexibility and freedom to users.

Together, UDS Enterprise, XCP-ng and Xen Orchestra make up a high performance VDI and vApp solution that simplifies the management of the full infrastructure, offering high levels of security and different configuration possibilities that allow adapting the solution to the specific needs of each project.

If you are a UDS Enterprise partner and you are interested in selling this VDI joint solution, email us at [email protected].

If you’d like to try this VDI joint solution as a user, email us at [email protected] and we’ll tell you the steps to follow.



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