Grouping services in UDS Enterprise 2.0

by | Oct 11, 2016

One of many UDS Enterprise 2.0 innovations is the new grouping services mode for desktops, applications and any other remote desktop service. This new feature has been particularly developed to improve user experience, since it allows to organize the available services in groups, so that they can be distributed in an orderly and easy way, so that users find the virtual desktop or application they want to use quickly and intuitively.

Administrators can configure the groups that best fit their needs and put into each of them the services they want. For instance, in the image above, UDS Enterprise display has been configured with four different groups: general, Windows desktops, applications and Linux desktops. Inside each tab are the virtual desktops and applications the admin has selected.

The number of groups and desktop services that can be included inside them is fully configurable, as well as the name and the image assigned to the groups, so the platform display is entirely customized.

To create and configure these groups, access “Tools” section, select “Services Pool Group”, click on “New” and indicate the following parameters: name, image and priority. Once the group is created, we only have to allocate it to a Service Pool. If no group is created, all desktop services will be located in the default group created by the system and will be displayed together in the main dashboard which is displayed when accessing UDS Enterprise.

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