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“This Christmas, millions of employees will work remotely with UDS”

Workers demand remote working on particular dates of the year, such as Christmas, Easter, or summer. More and more companies are facilitating these demands as they help them retain talent and improve the degree of commitment to the company. Hence, organizations must provide tools that allow working remotely securely and flexibly, such as the UDS Enterprise VDI software.

UDS Enterprise: 10 years of secure and sustainable VDI

UDS Enterprise, the desktop and application virtualization solution developed by the company Virtual Cable, celebrates its tenth anniversary. More than 50% of Spanish universities use UDS Enterprise, and the solution has spread worldwide, reaching 110 different countries.

UDS Enterprise 3.5 available for download

The new version of the Virtual Cable solution is AWS Certified, compatible with Nutanix Prism Central, includes Office 365 native integration, Wake-on-LAN technology, improvements in cybersecurity, and many more new features.


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