UDS Enterprise helps Education sector to improve cybersecurity

by | Jun 30, 2022

The Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Murcia ensure that the Virtual Cable solution meets all the security requirements imposed by the ENS.

Malware attacks targeting sectors such as Public Administration or Education have increased exponentially recently, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and the standardization of hybrid working and remote education. According to data from the Check Point Software Threat Intelligence division, the sectors that received the most attacks during the past month of May were in the first place the educational sector , second government and third the army.

In recent times it has been demonstrated that the securest option for hybrid work-study models is virtualization of desktops (VDI) and applications since it manages to keep IT systems, sensitive company information and the devices and data of its users protected. This is possible thanks to storing all the data centrally on a server, which avoids issues derived from the insufficient protection that some of the employee computers may have and the consequences of successful phishing or ransomware attacks on them. In short, with VDI the data never leaves the organization itself.

Aware of its cybersecurity advantages, 50% of Spanish universities, along with major international universities, trust Virtual Cable‘s VDI UDS Enterprise solution . This software for desktop virtualization stands out for its compatibility with any technology, flexibility, scalability, and security. Regarding this last feature, the solution has integrated numerous functionalities that facilitate IT managers’ work.

With UDS Enterprise, you can centrally monitor and control 24 hours a day the computer systems, communications, and all the devices of students, teachers, administration and services staff. In addition, it has a specific component that encrypts the information from end to end, allows the adoption of the zero trust model, granular access policies, or double or multiple factor authentication**. Finally, being faithful to the adaptability and flexibility that have always characterized UDS Enterprise, each educational center can set the security, minimum privileges policies, or the mechanisms they need or consider at all times.

The latest version of the solution, UDS Enterprise 3.5, brings new security features. It offers new authentication systems – Radius, expansion of federated authenticators through SAML, compatibility with more double and multiple-factor authentication systems. It also includes the new UDS Secure Tunnel, a proprietary component that shields security and allows compliance with the Spanish National Security Framework. As Jesús Valverde, Head of Computer Classrooms at the University of Murcia, explains, “only by configuring the access transports to the virtual desktops as tunneled we already guarantee compliance with the National Security Framework with UDS Enterprise.”

Fernando Limón, Head of the IT Area at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, states that “at the University, we knew that a solution based on virtual desktops such as UDS Enterprise would allow us to meet the requirements set out in the National Security Framework. We have created a specific image for the administrative management applications of the University. Users enter from a different URL to the virtual desktops available to the rest of the users (‘UPM desktop’), and MFA will be applied in the access shortly. This image is in a dedicated and isolated VLAN, which personnel expressly authorized by Management can only access.”



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