UDS Enterprise: 10 years of secure and sustainable VDI

by | Oct 19, 2022

UDS Enterprise, the desktop and application virtualization solution developed by the company Virtual Cable, celebrates its tenth anniversary. More than 50% of Spanish universities use UDS Enterprise, and the solution has spread worldwide, reaching 110 different countries.

UDS Enterprise, the VDI software developed by Virtual Cable celebrates this month 10 years since its release in 2012. A decade in which UDS Enterprise has established itself as one of the best-valued options by organizations to virtualize their workplaces. The company behind this solution has achieved hundreds of clients in Spain, succeeding greatly in the educational sector. More than 50% of Spanish universities use UDS Enterprise, and they have expanded throughout the world, reaching 110 different countries, among which we find France, the USA, Canada, or China.

Félix Casado, CEO of Virtual Cable, has expressed how proud he is of the optimal evolution of his product. In his words, this success is mainly due to the freedom of choice that UDS Enterprise offers to customers. “UDS Enterprise is a solution designed to democratize the adoption of VDI technology, available to all organizations and for any user profile. We have always prioritized adaptability and flexibility. Our software allows you to choose each infrastructure component, which can be open source or proprietary. It also adapts to the technology already implemented in the organization, avoiding new investments” explains Félix. “This customization, the proven security provided by our solution, and our close and totally personalized support service make up the three main factors that have led us to achieve these important figures,” he concludes.

Due to the open nature of its solution, Virtual Cable has opted to strengthen strong ties with its partners and technological alliances to create joint solutions that provide added value for customers. In these ten years, they have managed to form a network of more than 100 partners and have signed more than twenty alliances with leading companies in the sector such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Nutanix, ASUS or Red Hat.

Great milestones of the tenth anniversary

In the year of the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first version of its solution, Virtual Cable has made important announcements. Among them, we find the launch of specific solutions by sectors (UDS Education, UDS Corporate, UDS Call Center, UDS SMB, UDS Government, UDS Health, and UDS DaaS). They further personalize the user experience and adapt to the new needs of workers or students.

UDS Enterprise has also stood out this year for promoting its commitment to sustainability. Virtual Cable announced last month its adherence to the UN Global Compact, an initiative that responds to the values ​​that have been part of the company since its inception. Thus, the organization contributes to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, thanks to its VDI technology, it helps clients worldwide to operate sustainably, becoming more profitable and resilient, generating better brand value, and having greater access to capital. On the other hand, his project «Digital transformation sustainable: Implementation of virtual desktops (VDI)» carried out together with Lanmedia, NetApp and Lenovo and implemented at the Polytechnic University of Madrid has been finalist in the Smart Buildings Category of the next enerTIC Awards 2022.

This effort made during these ten years has been rewarded with other great recognitions in 2022. The UDS Enterprise desktop and application virtualization technology integration project at El Ejido City Council won the ASLAN 2022 Award in the category of “Digitalization of the Workplace”. In addition, the projects”Hybrid Virtualization Ecosystem of Virtual Desktops” implemented by the University of Murcia and “Digital transformation of classrooms through active learning at the UC3M” of the Carlos III University of Madrid won two of the SOCINFO Digital Awards.



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