UDS Enterprise is fully compatible with the latest Moodle 4.0

by | Apr 28, 2022

Moodle 4.0 has just been released and we can already confirm that UDS Enterprise is compatible with this latest version. Our software is the first to allow access to VDI, virtual applications and remotely accessible devices through this Learning Management System (LMS). Moodle users can enjoy all the benefits of our virtualization solutions combined with the improvements added to the popular eLearning platform. These include a contemporary new interface, intuitive tabbed navigation, and a redefined course experience that makes creating and editing courses easier for educators and less distracting for learners.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world today use this Open Source service to study online anytime, anywhere. In addition, two-thirds of universities and many organizations on five continents daily enjoy the advantages of using the most widely used LMS platform globally, which is integrated with our VDI UDS Enterprise software.

The marriage of these two solutions is possible thanks to the Virtual PC Plugin, which is available at no cost at Moodle Marketplace. This integration makes UDS Enterprise a powerful tool that provides significant added value to the e-Learning service.

Using virtual desktops and applications through Moodle benefits both students and teachers. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, VDI, vApp (both Windows and Linux), and remote computers (Windows, Linux, and macOS) can be assigned quickly and easily. Through its friendly interface, it centralizes, automates, and simplifies management. Users enjoy having all the tools they need on a single platform, accessible from any device, regardless of range or power.

UDS Enterprise shares the philosophy of Moodle since it is also an open source-based software that can be easily customized to fully adapt to the needs of the clients, and that integrates quickly and easily with third-party software.

At Virtual Cable we have always been closely linked to the education sector. We are specialists in the transformation of the workplace in this type of organizations. A long list of universities and training centers around the world rely on the benefits of our VDI solutions, including: the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Catholic University of Louvain, the University of Salamanca, the Autonomous University of Madrid, the University of Málaga (whose IT team helped to develop the Virtual PC Plugin), or ESIC.

If you’d like to see first-hand how the integration of these two solutions works, request access to our UDS Enterprise online demo with Moodle.



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