Configure UDS for remote access to PCs

by | Sep 19, 2017

A few days ago, we talked about the Remote PC project presented during the RedIRIS Working Groups in Santander. In this article, we focus on how to configure UDS Enterprise to allow remote access to PCs.

Firstly, we will define OpenGnsys as an additional Service Provider, we will indicate the characteristics of the server, maximum connection time a machine can have etc. …

We will configure an image with a particular OS installed and define how many computers we want to make accessible and how many should start and be available within the time slots as explained previously. In this way, the user will not have to wait until the computer starts from zero, when requesting access, there will automatically appear the login window to start using the corresponding OS.

Administrators can define a minimum set of computers to start as well as a maximum set of available computers. These devices will start and stop on demand so that there will be no need to start the whole classroom and hence you save energy.

When it is time for remote access, UDS Enterprise notifies OpenGnsys that it needs to start a certain number of computers with a certain installed image, and OpenGnsys will choose the one that has been used the longest time, it will command the order to start the computer or to restart it if it is already initiated. Thanks to OpenGnsys the team will know which partition has to boot to have the desired OS available. Once the OS is started the new agent will give you the notification that the equipment can already be used.

OpenGnsys will notify to UDS Enterprise what equipment is available and the moment of availability of that equipment, and UDS Enterprise will have a set of equipment, in its database, that will be ready to be associated to the requests of the user. When the user wants to connect, UDS Enterprise will have a list of available remote access services, tell you which computer it assigns, associate the connection data, and the user’s device will connect remotely to that computer.

When the schedule, selected by the administrator for the remote access, is finished, UDS Enterprise will notify the user and will automatically request to close the session.

For more information, see this video with the complete explanation of the Remote PC project.



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