How to remove duplicate VMs in UDS Enterprise

by | Feb 14, 2018

UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker is one of the simplest and easiest tools to use in automatic deployment and management of the life cycle of any remote desktop service, such as virtual applications and desktops. The development team works to add, in each release, new functionalities that facilitate the work of the platform administrators. One of these features is the ability to automatically remove found duplicate virtual machines.

Sometimes, when virtual machines are generated, for some external reasons, some type of incident may arise, such as the loss of communication with any service provider, which causes virtual machines to be lost and hence they become impossible to find in our virtual platform.

To prevent this kind of incidents, the option “Remove found duplicates” has been integrated in UDS Enterprise. When this option is enabled, any attempt to create a virtual machine with an existing name will be detected by the system and be deleted. In fact, when the found duplicate is not found to be managed by UDS Enterprise, this latter proceeds with its immediate deletion.

This feature is very useful, since it allows to perform a self-maintenance of the virtual machines and ensure there are no orphaned instances in the virtual platform. we are using, with the consequent optimization of resources.

To get the full benefit of this feature, all you need to do is to enable the option “Remove found duplicates” in the Main tab when you create a new Service.

This option was incorporated for the first time in UDS Enterprise 2.1 for VMware vCenter, and in the next version UDS Enterprise 2.2, whose beta will be available during the month of February, this feature has been improved and included in the Nutanix Acropolis Service Provider.



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