Linux app virtualization with UDS Enterprise

by | Mar 19, 2018

UDS Enterprise 2.2 adds important new features regarding application virtualization. One of them is the support of Linux virtual applications.

Until now, UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker allowed access to Windows application sessions through RDS, but from the latest release you will also be able to access applications hosted on a Linux server from both Windows and Linux devices.

In this way, the administrators of the platform will be able to make available to users a much broader range of applications without the need to pay for licenses.

The development of this new functionality is part of our commitment to maintain an open, flexible roadmap based on the requests of our community of users, since the virtualization of Linux applications is one of the characteristics that most have been requested during the last months

For the moment, Linux application support has been incorporated in an experimental basis. It will be improved in the next versions of the VDI connection broker, taking into account the feedback that the UDS Enterprise team receives from the user community.

The virtualization of Linux vApp is just one of the important new features that have been incorporated into UDS Enterprise 2.2. You can check the main improvements in this article.



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