New quick guides: How to import UDS Enterprise appliances

by | Sep 27, 2021

Our technical team continues working to make it easier for our user community to set up a platform for desktop virtualization, virtual applications, and remote access to devices with UDS Enterprise.

Among the new materials, they have designed new quick guides that detail how to import UDS Enterprise appliances into the leading virtualization platforms.

These documents are of great help in the first contact with UDS Enterprise. They explain the appliance format that must be used depending on the chosen platform and how to download them. They also accompany IT administrators throughout the entire import process, detailing the specific steps to be carried out in each environment.

They also list the resources that must be allocated to the server, the tunnel, and the database for them to work correctly and the rest of the specifications that must be considered.

We remind you that UDS Enterprise supports practically any virtualization platform on the market. It allows to enable all necessary ones to run simultaneously. This helps optimize service, performance and adjust costs to the maximum.

The quick guides published to date correspond to the most used virtualization platforms:

Importing UDS on Citrix Hypervisor and XCP-ng

Importing UDS on Microsoft Hyper-V

Importing UDS on Nutanix Acropolis

Importing UDS on OpenNebula

Importing UDS on OpenStack

Importing UDS on oVirt

Importing UDS on Proxmox

Importing UDS on VMware vSphere

All these manuals are available in the Documentation section of our web, where you will find many other technical documents that will be very useful when configuring your VDI, vApp and remote access infrastructure with UDS Enterprise.

There are different trial versions of the software that allow you to test all its features and functionalities for free. They can be requested by following the instructions at this link.

For any questions, it is recommended to contact the UDS Enterprise team at [email protected]



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