New version of the UDS Enterprise VDI & vApp connection broker

by | Jan 23, 2019

The UDS Enterprise team has released a new stable version of the VDI and vApp connection broker. UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 is now available for download on our website.

As main improvement, this new release supports Azure, which allows to manage and deploy virtual desktops and applications hosted in the Microsoft cloud service. Support for the Azure AD Authenticator has also been added, so that administrators can directly validate users or user groups registered in Azure so that they can access their virtual desktops and vApp through UDS Enterprise.

Many other improvements have been implemented to make the work of the administrators of the platform and its usability much more easy. The major features include:

  • Apple’s iOS OS support. Users can now access their virtual desktops and applications using iPhone and iPad devices.

  • New features for the assignment of services to users. It is now possible to change the ownership of a service assigned to a user.

  • Easier integration with OpenStack. Two different connectors have been developed to facilitate the integration with this cloud orchestrator: one for the previous versions to Ocata and another one for the most current ones.

  • Improvements in searches within Active Directory. In this new version you can enter a specific search base to find users registered in this authenticator.

  • Greater level of automation in Authenticators and Connection Protocols. The system allows assigning a group of users and/or a specific transport to an existing service pool previously defined by the administrator.

  • Flexibility in device redirection. Now admins can choose between redirecting all devices, none or just the Plug and Play (PnP) ones.

  • Microsoft redirecting notice removed. In RDP connections, the Microsoft security warning requesting permission to redirect local resources is no longer displayed.

  • Better user experience with the HTML5 protocol. When connecting to a service through the HTML5 protocol, it will be opened in a new browser tab, keeping the service access window available in case the user needs to make a new connection.

  • Automatic logout due to inactivity. The administrator can set a downtime period, so that once expired, the system closes the users’ session.

  • New languages: Russian, Chinese, Euskera and Catalan. Both the user view and the administration dashboard can be displayed in these new languages.

  • New registrations in the Service Pools logs. In this new release, events related to the assignment of groups, transports, scheduled tasks, logout due to downtime… are displayed.

  • Improved security of UDS Enterprise virtual appliances based on Debian 9 (UDS Server, UDS Tunneler and MySQL) thanks to the implementation of the latest available patches.

  • UDS Actors updated for the different OS supported by UDS Enterprise.

The UDS Enterprise team recommends to all subscribers updating to this new version. The update can be easily performed accessing My UDS and downloading and installing the appliances of this release corresponding to the virtualization platform being used.

Any user can request access to the free trial versions of UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 through this section of our website. For more information about UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 send an email to [email protected]



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