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by | May 15, 2020

Organizations of all types and sizes have trusted the UDS Enterprise connection broker for years, among other things, to facilitate remote working and distance learning. It is one of the intrinsic possibilities of our software, which allows secure access to any computer tool at any time, from any place and device.

The Covid-19 pandemic has imposed a new reality, in which work and teaching from home have become the only way for companies and educational centers to continue their activity. To help these entities know the best way to solve the challenges posed by this new situation, we have created a new section on our website on Remote Working.

There, we inform about the different ways to implement a secure and efficient remote working system in just a few hours. Always guaranteeing the high availability of all the resources that employees need to carry out their functions, so that there are no interruptions in production.

As we explain in this new section, UDS Enterprise allows you to bet on the telework method that best suits the particularities of each company. The IT team can assess whether, in their case, it is most appropriate to provide access to the software employees need through Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. Or they can choose to enable remote access to the physical devices located on the offices of the company, educational center, public administration…

The advanced functionalities of UDS Enterprise take remote access to the next level. This software not only works as a gateway between the worker’s device and the one in the offices. It allows to program the automatic on and off of the equipment, to establish use policies by groups and hours and to configure the connection with or without VPN, tunneling the traffic at all times to keep IT infrastructure safe. Besides, it supports Windows and Linux operating systems for both client and desktop devices. And access can be made using any device via web browser.

In the new Remote Working section of the web, the great advantages in terms of security provided by UDS Enterprise are also listed. Among them is the possibility of having computer systems and communications controlled and monitored at all times, adopting the Zero Trust model and making all connections through a secure gateway that encrypts the information.

The special promotion launched by Virtual Cable to support all organizations when implementing remote working and the news section on this topic, which includes the experiences of multiple companies and institutions that already have their remote work system with UDS Enterprise in production, complete this new section. We invite you to visit it at this link.

If you want to try the multiple possibilities offered by the VDI UDS Enterprise broker, request one of the trial versions available without any commitment.



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