UDS Enterprise 3.6 VDI focuses on security and multi-cloud

by | Mar 22, 2023

UDS Enterprise 3.6 incorporates native multi-factor authentication and an innovative Zero Trust configuration for seamless protection of organizations. In addition, Virtual Cable has collaborated with Amazon, Microsoft, and Huawei to boost the multi-cloud capabilities of their workplace digitization solution.

Today, security and cloud infrastructure management are two critical aspects for organizations of any sector and size. The increasing sophistication of cyberattacks targeting the workplace, the demand to protect company data and systems, along with the requirement for greater flexibility and efficiency in resource management, highlight the need for more advanced security and cloud solutions tailored to the particularities of each organization.

Virtual Cable has placed special focus on addressing these issues when designing the new version of its solution for the digital workplace. This software manufacturer has presented the Release Candidate of UDS Enterprise 3.6, its broker for desktop, application virtualization, and remote access to devices, at ASLAN 2023 Conference.

Javier González, Technical Director at Virtual Cable, highlights that “we have paid special attention to improving the intrinsic capabilities of our solution’s seamless protection, offering significant security innovations. Among many others, we highlight native two- and multi-factor authentication, integration of third-party MFA solutions, such as Google Authenticator, and an innovative Zero Trust configuration. We have also developed a mechanism that encrypts and secures information in UDS component configurations performed via HTTP.”

In addition, UDS Enterprise 3.6 incorporates support for Huawei Cloud, which joins the rest of the OpenStack-based cloud platforms, all compatible with UDS Enterprise. To further boost the multi-cloud capabilities of its VDI solution, Virtual Cable has collaborated with the AWS and Microsoft Azure teams. Their technical experts have certified the perfect interoperability of the new version of UDS Enterprise with these hyperscalers to perform automatic and secure deployments of Windows and Linux virtual desktops.

With the aim of offering the best user experience, Virtual Cable has added support for the SPICE connection protocol in the Proxmox service provider. Thus, it is possible to build a workplace virtualization platform with UDS Enterprise and two other open source components, at no additional cost and with optimized performance for all types of tools, including 3D graphics. True to their philosophy of offering flexibility and freedom of choice, they have verified UDS Enterprise’s compatibility with the latest version of HP Anywhere, another high-performance protocol, in this case based on PCoIP technology.

Among the improvements aimed at perfecting the user experience with the use of mobile devices for remote working from any location and with any terminal (BYOD), it is worth noting the optimization of HTML5 connection performance thanks to the use of Docker containers.

Javier González concludes that “these are just some of the most outstanding innovations incorporated into UDS Enterprise 3.6. We are very satisfied with the reception they are having at ASLAN 2023, where we are listening to customers to continue adapting our solutions to their real needs. Our goal is to advance in our mission to democratize the adoption of VDI technology, so that all organizations can benefit from the advantages of workplace virtualization.”

All those interested can learn about and try out these new features exclusively at booth 14 at the ASLAN 2023 Conference at IFEMA Madrid Congress Center.



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