Setting up VDI templates with UDS Enterprise

by | Nov 16, 2017

The VDI connection broker UDS Enterprise allows the automatic deployment of template-based virtual desktops. This feature guarantees an optimal, simple and efficient centralized management of virtual desktops, since configurations, modifications and updates only have to be performed on said base template. When it is rebooted, the changes are automatically executed on all virtual desktops based on that template.

In each template you can define the operating systems, connection protocols, hypervisors, authenticators, programs, applications and other computer resources to which each user or group of users will have access.

IT administrators do often have to configure different types of virtual desktops for several user groups, such as administrative staff, students, teachers, graphic designers… UDS Enterprise makes this task much more easier. In fact, by creating a single template for each group of users you can display any of the virtual desktops based on it.

To make this task even easier, UDS Enterprise team has published a series of tutorial documents where is explained, step by step, how to prepare the most commonly used VDI templates. The necessary elements are listed and with explanation on how to configure the virtual machines that will be used as templates, how to install the OS, as well as the connection protocol and the UDS Actor configuration.

Below you can find the link to the different types of templates that we have documented:

Xubuntu 16.04 + NX 3.5 + UDS Actor

Xubuntu 16.04 + XRDP 0.9.1 + UDS Actor

Xubuntu 16.04 + X2GO + UDS Actor

Windows 10 + RDP + UDS Actor

Windows 7 + RDP + UDS Actor

Windows 2012 + RDP + UDS Actor

In addition to those listed in these documents, UDS Enterprise is compatible with more Linux distributions (others based on Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian distros, CentOs, OpenSUSE, RHEL…) and Windows versions (Windows 2016, Windows 8, Windows 2008). It also supports other connection protocols, such as RemoteFX, RGS, SPICE, PCoIP

If you need assisstance on how to set up a template with UDS Enterprise you can contact the UDS Enterprise team at [email protected]

In addition to this list of documents on how to create VDI templates, you will find an interesting selection of datasheet, technical documents, white papers, quick start guides and installation manuals in the documentation section in our website.



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