Simplified VDI management in Azure with UDS Enterprise

by | Jan 25, 2019

The new release of UDS Enterprise includes full support for Microsoft Azure. The connection broker development team has been working for the last few months so that platform administrators now can manage and deploy virtual desktops and applications hosted on Azure through UDS Enterprise 2.2.1.

This new functionality of this VDI and vApp broker is a great advantage for users of the Microsoft cloud service, since they can perform all the tasks of administration of virtual desktops and applications through the simple interface of UDS Enterprise, being its usability one of its main recognized values.

Thanks to this connection broker the level of automation for the deployment and administration of VDI and vApp through Azure is significantly improved, thus achieving greater agility in the management and delivery of desktops and virtual applications.

Support has also been added for the Azure AD Authenticator, which means that administrators can directly validate users or user groups that are registered in Azure so they can access their virtual desktops and applications through UDS Enterprise.

Together with Microsoft Azure, UDS Enterprise supports VMware’s cloud service, vCloud, and also allows managing both desktops and virtual applications hosted on any public, private or hybrid cloud.

Regardless of the cloud platform where they are hosted, both Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications are supported. The client can choose the desktop as a service (DaaS) model, so there’s no need for own hardware.

The advantages of virtual desktops in the cloud with UDS Enterprise include high availability and unlimited flexibility and scalability of the platform, which can grow and be reduced on demand according to the needs of each moment.

To these advantages all related to desktop virtualization and app virtualization can be added, with the difference that the customer only pays for what he uses, since the billing model is pay-as-you-go. Thanks to UDS Enterprise, important cost savings are achieved, since it allows programming the deployment and elimination of virtual desktops so that the consumption of resources is limited to the real time that the machines are used.



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