Special offer for new customers: UDS Competitive Upgrade

by | Feb 27, 2020

The UDS Enterprise team announces the launch of a new subscription mode for the connection broker. It has been designed to help those organizations that already have a VDI solution from another manufacturer and want to migrate to a new, more efficient and cost-effective technology: UDS Enterprise.

Customers who purchase UDS Competitive Upgrade (UDS CU) will enjoy direct and personalized support from the UDS Enterprise team with a special price of around €50 per user and year. It is available for the tranche of 100 to 350 users.

UDS Competitive Upgrade has the same functionalities as UDS Enterprise Edition and also includes all updates and security patches.

This edition is only available for the first year of subscription. From the second onwards, the current prices will be applied depending on the chosen edition.

To acquire UDS CU, the client must prove that they have other desktop and/or application virtualization technology in force.

VirtualCable has conceived this new edition after conducting a thorough market study with the collaboration of its business partners. “We have detected that many companies and organizations of all kinds encounter technical limitations on their VDI projects every day. These difficulties add to the high cost they must bear, derived from the product licensing model. We offer the best alternative for these cases, a versatile and efficient solution at the technical level, which allows them to continue enjoying the multiple advantages of desktop and application virtualization without the budget being a drawback,” explains Yolanda González, Sales Manager of VirtualCable.

For more information about UDS Competitive Upgrade, you can contact the VirtualCable Commercial Department at [email protected]



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