Turning Ubuntu 18 into kiosk mode for VDI

by | Apr 4, 2019

The user experience is one of the most valued aspects for IT Departments when it comes to choosing a desktop virtualization solution. Employees must be comfortable with the tools they use to develop their professional activity, since the easier they are to use, the greater their productivity.

Thinking precisely about simplifying the work of users, the UDS Enterprise team has developed a script to convert an Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop operating system into a Linux connection client in kiosk mode. With this new configuration, when booting the computer, the first thing that will be displayed to the users will be a web browser with the UDS Enterprise login window. They will only have to enter their username and password to directly access their virtual desktops and applications managed by this connection broker.

To enjoy the advantages of this development, Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop must be installed on the computers that we want to use as connection clients. The only requirement that must be taken into account is that the device has Internet connection, which will be essential both for the installation process of the OS and for the execution of the script.

Once the OS is installed, we will download and run the script. It can be edited and, for example, add the UDS Enterprise login as the default home page.

In addition to turning Ubuntu into kiosk mode, this script will install all the required UDS Enterprise components so that users can connect to their Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications.

For all these configurations to be applied, we just need to restart the device . When it is turned on again, we will check how the system performs authentication automatically and directly displays the UDS Enterprise access page.

The script developed by the UDS Enterprise team can be downloaded from this repository. The step-by-step configuration process with screenshots can be found in this document.

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