UCLouvain VDI Case Study with UDS at OpenNebulaConf

by | Nov 8, 2018

OpenNebulaConf 2018 is around the corner. The event will be hold in Amsterdam next Monday and Tuesday 12-13 of November. One of our customers, the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) will present there their experience with UDS Enterprise and OpenNebula as key components of their desktop virtualization infrastructure to provide VDI access to their 37,000 students.

Frederic Malengreau, Support Manager at UCLouvain, will be the speaker at the conference, and he will explain why the IT team at this university wanted “to adopt BYOD to be able to give students the opportunity to use their own devices to access the same software they use in the standard computer classrooms anytime and from anywhere”.

Malengreau will also clear up how they realized that “VDI was the right solution to address our needs”, and why his team and himself “wanted OpenNebula orchestrator to be the building block of our virtual desktop platfom”. He will reveal how they found the UDS Enterprise VDI & vApp connection broker, which now is OpenNebula Ready certified and therefore fully compatible with this technology thanks to their request to the development team to make it compatible with the cloud orchestrator.

Thanks to UDS Enterprise connection broker, they can manage the full life cycle of VDI & vApp automatically in a safe, fast and very easy way with lower costs for both students and the IT Department.

The Support Manager will specify all the technicall details of OpenNebula + UDS Enterprise VDI joint solution, which enables them to give their students access to Windows or Linux standard environments from outside the classrooms.

Teachers and researchers are also taking advantage of this solution. “Now we have teaching environments independent from computers and software on demand can be accessed with better calculation performance thanks to remote applications”, commented Malengreau.

The attendees at the conference will learn how the UCLouvain VDI infrastructure was built, the different components used and their role in the platform, and how the IT staff deploys and manages the virtual desktops.

The Head of the Support Team at UCLouvain will also explain “how we are extending the use of OpenNebula and UDS Enterprise to remote applications and how we guarantee a 24/7 available service with a strong high availability infrastructure”.

The talk UCLouvain Case Study- VDI for 37,000 students with OpenNebula will take place next Tuesday 13th at 12:10pm.



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