UDS Enterprise 1.5 improvements (Second Part)

by | Sep 16, 2014

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Last week we published a post describing some of UDS Enterprise 1.5 improvements . In this article we explain the remaining new features introduced by the new version of our desktop virtualization connection broker.

Both users and VDI administrators can now set up or disable the root user from the advanced configuration dashboard. In this way, the system can be configured to have root access from the login window.

Moreover, support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Operating Systems has been added and UDS Linux Actor has been updated in order to offer complete support by XDRP. Other important improvement is the new appearance of UDS Server Virtual Appliances and UDS Tunnel.

Besides, the UDS Enterprise development team has included some improvements in the general performance regarding the previous version, thanks to the contributions of our user community, developers and feedback received from our support area.

The 1.5 edition of our desktop virtualization software is available with any UDS Enterprise subscription since June 2014. In our web site you can find a evaluation version available for all the users interested in testing our VDI broker for free.

For further information about Open Source virtual desktops you can register here.



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