UDS Enterprise 2.2 Beta released

by | Mar 6, 2018

The UDS Enterprise team has released the beta of the new version of UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker. UDS Enterprise 2.2 Beta is available exclusively for subscribers who wish to test the new features and functionalities implemented in this release. Among the many novelties we can cite:

Access to virtual applications via HTML5, which allows users to access sessions of Windows applications using any device with an HTML5 enabled web browser, either with Windows OS, Linux, Android, Mac OS, iOS, Windows Phone, etc….

Virtualization of Linux applications. UDS Enterprise is now allowing access to applications, from Windows or Linux clients, hosted on Linux servers.

Improvement in the virtualization of Windows applications through RDS. UDS Enterprise offers full high availability in the virtualization of Windows applications thanks to a new verification method for the application servers implemented in this new version.

Support of new versions of Service Providers, such as the Nutanix Acropolis 2.0 API, OpenNebula 5.4, oVirt 4.2, VMware vSphere 6.7, Citrix XenServer 7.3…

Integration with VMware vCloud. Support has been added for this Service Provider, which allows you to create and manage private clouds based on vSphere and multi-vendor hybrid clouds.

OpenGnsys support. This Open Source physical equipment orchestrator has now joined the long list of Service Providers supported by UDS Enterprise.

Novelties in vCenter. Two new types of services to be deployed have been added. In addition to the ability to generate desktops in “Linked Clone” format, it is now possible to deploy desktops in “Full Clone” format. Also, the possibility of assigning a previously created pool of existing machines has been incorporated.

Services usage data. All Service Providers have now the option “Use of Services”, which shows more information about its use, such as date and time that a user that has been connected, the application that has been used, server IP, client’s IP connection, etc…

New options in the Connection Protocols. A new display preferences tab has been added to each connection or transport protocol. RDP transport has been improved with new options and bug fixes in its operations with both Windows and Linux. On the other hand, the HTML5 transport now allows transferring files between the local computer (USB, local storage, etc …) and the remote desktop.

More configurations in the Service Pools that allow, for example, assigning permissions to the user to delete their own desktop or virtual application.

New scripts to manage certificates in a much simpler way.

Improvements in the software interface, such as a new shortcut in the toolbar to download the UDS Plugin.

To test all of these improvements implemented in this new release, UDS Enterprise subscribers can request access to the beta version 2.2 by writing an email to [email protected].



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