UDS Enterprise components: UDS Tunneler

by | Jun 8, 2016

At the beginning of this week we talked about one of UDS Enterprise's components, UDS Server. In this post we're going to analyze the features and functionalities of UDS Enterprise Tunneler.

UDS Tunneler has two main roles: it performs secure connections to remote desktop services through WAN and enables HTML5 access to these services.

All connections are performed through an encrypted SSH tunnel, ensuring both data traffic security and reliability.

This software enables users connecting their virtual desktops, static desktops, applications or any other Windows or Linux service using any device, web browser and client operating system.

It facilitates the use of mobile devices to access remote desktop services, since it enables the use of Microsoft’s RDP connection protocol through HTML5.

It is an internal component of UDS Enterprise connection broker, so no additional software is required to use it. It is developed in Linux and it is provided as a virtual appliance.

The administrators of a platform with UDS Enterprise can deploy several tunnel servers and thus benefit from high availability (HA) in the connections to the services (virtual desktops and applications).



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