UDS Enterprise enhances HTML5 connectivity

by | Sep 12, 2017

UDS Enterprise 2.1 incorporates new options for HTML5 connectivity against Windows and Linux VDI. These new features allow platform administrators to further customize virtual desktops and increase security.

In this new version, you can select the “Show wallpaper” option so that a custom wallpaper and theme display on the desktops.You can also enable desktop composition, to allow high resolution support, different visual effects, thumbnail previews, transparent window frames, etc…

Another of the new options that can be selected is the font smoothing, which improves the sharpness and display of fonts, so that users can read much better all the texts that are displayed on the screen.

In terms of security, it is now possible to define how do we want the authentication for the Guacamole RDP to be. The system offers four different options: whether the server itself chooses the authentication mode, enable standard RDP encryption (as long as it is supported by all servers), Network Layer Authentication (NLA), or Transport Security Layer Encryption (TSL).

In addition, administrators can select devices with which users can connect to virtual desktops, and can restrict the use of Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Windows or Windows Phone.

Finally, the quality of video playback has been improved by using this connection protocol and the UDS Enterprise Development Team is currently working to improve audio quality and thus provide a more complete user experience.

Improving HTML5 connectivity is just one of many new features incorporated in the new version of UDS Enterprise.



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