UDS, the first Spanish IGEL Ready software for Cloud and VDI

by | Nov 16, 2021

We are proud to announce that UDS Enterprise, the most flexible VDI connection broker in the market, is the first Spanish solution verified as IGEL Ready in the Cloud Workspaces/VDI category, meaning it is fully compatible with any IGEL device and the innovative IGEL OS for VDI.

Thanks to the technological alliance with IGEL, UDS Enterprise customers can utilize all IGEL solutions to securely access remote and virtual desktop services through solid and reliable solutions. In this way, organizations from all sectors can ensure business continuity, providing their employees with access to all the software they need to work efficiently at any time, from anywhere and device.

Virtual Cable, UDS Enterprise developer, joins a growing ecosystem of over 100 technology partners. These companies provide hardware solutions, software, and peripherals that have been verified for use with the IGEL OS to deliver a powerful user experience, productive and safe for digital workspaces within modern work environments.

In an age when customers and their employees require seamless and reliable access to tools, applications, and services, IGEL Ready helps ensure:

• The compatibility of the products.

Productivity to support continuity.

Business growth.

• The validation of the applications of the partners.

• Access to updated and secure software

This fact is another step forward in the history of UDS Enterprise, which has been achieved thanks to work carried out by every one of the Virtual Cable workers. During the ten years of the company’s life, Virtual Cable has never stopped evolving its product and looking for new technology alliances to offer value-added solutions to its clients. Its team will not stop doing it while preparing the next version of the software for desktop virtualization, virtual applications and remote access to devices, UDS Enterprise 3.5.

More information can be found on the IGEL Ready page about Virtual Cable.



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