UDS Enterprise, first VDI solution compatible with XCP-ng

by | Sep 13, 2018

UDS Enterprise is the only VDI and vApp connection broker compatible with XCP-ng, a fully Open Source hypervisor based on XenServer. The XCP-ng team has verified the seamless integration of both solutions and has granted UDS Enterprise the XCP-ng Ready certification.

UDS Enterprise is the first solution that has joined the XCP-ng ecosystem. The companies behind UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng (VirtualCable and Vates) will keep on collaborating closely, and have already signed an agreement whereby they have become Technology Alliance.

Together, UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng make up a 100% high-performance Open Source solution for managing and deploying Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. UDS Enterprise automatically manages its complete life cycle in a safe, fast and simple way. The administrators of the platform enjoy the possibility to simultaneously enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols.

XCP-ng is an Open Source hypervisor based on Citrix XenServer without any restriction in terms of functionalities. It is not a simple copy of XenServer, but an improved version, with most of the features you will find in XenServer and exclusive features (eg. ZFS support, Ceph Support…), thanks to the support of a vast community of users who contribute in the development of new features and bug fixing.

Its business model, like that of UDS Enterprise, is based on annual subscriptions. In this case they are hired by host and give access to an efficient professional support service.



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