UDS Enterprise allows you to choose all the VDI components

by | Sep 22, 2021

Freedom and flexibility are the concepts that best define UDS Enterprise. This connection broker for desktop virtualization, virtual applications, and remote access to computers is distinguished by its compatibility with practically any technology on the market. It was conceived to give total freedom to the administrators of the platform. Freedom to decide how they want to build their VDI infrastructure, to choose each of the components, and to migrate from one technology to another quickly and easily.

What's more, UDS Enterprise allows to combine all the technologies that it supports simultaneously, mixing on-premise platforms, cloud, hyper-convergence systems, connection protocols, authenticators ... to create a customized infrastructure, which fully adapts to the needs of each group of users in the same organization.

Among the main technologies supported by this software are the proprietary virtualization platforms from major manufacturers, such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis, or Citrix Hypervisor. This list is joined by other Open Source hypervisors such as Proxmox, RHEV, oVirt (based on KVM) or XCP-ng, based on XenServer.

In addition to on-premise deployments, UDS Enterprise rules cloud VDI infrastructures with full efficiency and security. It integrates with any private cloud and with the most prominent cloud providers: AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure … Today, it is the engine of DaaS services for many companies throughout the world.

Those companies committed to hyper-convergence systems such as Nutanix, Nodeweaver, Proxmox (CEPH technology), XOSAN … can also integrate them into their infrastructure with UDS Enterprise. In the same way, it is possible to include cloud orchestrators such as VMware Cloud Director, OpenStack, OpenNebula, XOA … or physical machines’ managers, such as OpenGnsys.

To provide an optimal experience for each group of users, UDS Enterprise also offers the possibility of choosing from a wide range of Open Source connection protocols, such as FreeRDP, SPICE, and X2Go. For those use cases in which they prefer to opt for licensed software, administrators can select RDP, RDS, RemoteFX … Even protocols for graphics-intensive applications, such as Teradici PCoIP, NoMachine NX or AWS Nice DCV for 3D software, video playback and editing…

With UDS Enterprise, the validation of the users in the system can be done with Open Source authenticators, such as CAS and OpenLDAP, with the popular Active Directory or with an internal authentication system, or an authentication system per device (IP). Likewise, it is compatible with any system based on SAML 2, which allows managing federated identities, integrating single sign-on and enabling two-factor or multifactor authentication with solutions like Google Workspace or Watchguard Authpoint . 2FA or MFA can also be provided through the operating system, with specific applications like Micro Focus NetIQ or Cisco Duo.

The great flexibility of UDS Enterprise has helped organizations of all types and sizes to build a fully customized VDI infrastructure, adjusted to the millimeter to their requirements and needs. Our software is the central axis of the remote working strategy of companies of all sectors. It integrates with Moodle, the most widely used e-Learning system in the world, which makes it an indispensable instrument for the distance learning services of leading universities.

Thanks to this software, users enjoy 24×7 access to all the programs they need to work. They can utilize any device to use their Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications and access remotely the computers located in offices or educational centers.

In addition to being aligned with current trends to help face the present challenges, UDS Enterprise provides essential benefits since it tackles the complexity of IT infrastructures. It provides all the necessary tools for the IT department to centrally and automatically manage all workstations (physical or virtual), maintaining total control of the infrastructure at all times and guaranteeing the security of all connections.

You can check the experience of different organizations with UDS Enterprise in our Case Studies.

The main manufacturers in the sector have certified the seamless interoperability of UDS Enterprise with their solutions. Check out the list of our main Technology alliances.

See first-hand the advantages of implementing UDS Enterprise in your organization. Request now your free trial version here.



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