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by | Apr 18, 2017

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Among the different user station profiles integrated into a corporate ecosystem, workstation environments, usually used by engineers and graphic designers, we may use the following features to distinguish between them:

-More complicated to manage and maintain

-Result in greater use of resources

-Use of a more specific hardware

-Data security is more critical

Virtualizing this type of work station becomes an arduous and complicated task, since it opens a variety of platforms, connection protocols, architecture designs and specific hardware, which one needs to analyze in order to adopt the ideal solution.

While in a standard virtual desktop environment we recommend performing a concept test, for the virtualization of graphic stations or work stations it is practically essential to be able to commission the deployed platform with full guarantees. This document summarizes these types of user stations to give you a general idea of how to deal with it.

In these specialized environments (Remote connections to physical graphic stations, Direct assignment of graphic card and Virtualization of GPUS’s), one fundamental piece is the selection of the connection protocol for the virtual graphic stations. There are various protocols on the market that are optimized for these types of tasks:

-Remote FX


-HDX 3D pro



For more details, read our full article.



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