UDS Enterprise improves RDP connection

by | Oct 3, 2017

The latest release of UDS Enterprise has exciting new features in connectivity to Windows and Linux virtual desktops. In addition to new options for connecting through HTML5, UDS Enterprise 2.1 incorporates novelties related to the RDP connection protocol that translate into a better and more secure user experience.

For Windows VDI, one of the main novelties is the support of the CredSSP credential provider, which allows remote and encrypted authentication through a Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS).

In the new version of our VDI connection broker also the RDP connection protocol also has some new common options with the HTML5 protocol, such as the ability to enable desktop composition, font smoothing and selection of devices with which users can connect to virtual desktops.

For Linux VDI, in addition to defining certain custom parameters, administrators can now select the “Printer string” and “Smartcard string” options; both work with the freeXRDP client and serve to enable these devices on virtual desktops.

UDS Enterprise 2.1 adds in addition to these connectivity enhancements many other new features that make it a market-leading VDI broker.



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