UDS Enterprise & Moodle integration

by | Apr 28, 2015

In previous posts we talked about Remote PCs project we are developing together with the University os Seville and the University of Malaga, which is focused on offering teachers and students the possibility to access the computers in ITC classrooms during non-school hours. In this article we're explaining how they will access the resources which will be available 24x7.

They will access in the same way they do it today: through Moodle e-learning platform, thus the authentication handicap would be solved, because the users access the virtual campus with their regular users and passwords.

Each professor will manage the resources to be available for the students of each subject: software, notes, applications… so when a student will access the virtual campus he or she will only see what the professor selected for each subject.

All this will be possible thanks to Moodle and the connection broker for Windows and Linux UDS Enterprise integration, which is made through UDS Enterprise’s API REST. The broker communicates Moodle with the virtual desktops and serves the resources chosen by each teacher through the selected connection protocol (RDP, HTML5…).

As UDS Enterprise supports all hypervisors, the virtual desktops may be deployed on oVirt, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, RHEV… or a service orchestrator, like OpenGnsys can be used to access computers in physical classrooms.

This project eases teachers and students’s work, since they can access the resources to learn during both school and non-school hours.



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