UDS Enterprise publishes on isolated XCP-ng servers

by | Apr 24, 2020

The UDS Enterprise connection broker allows publishing virtual desktops on the local storage of an isolated server with the XCP-ng hypervisor. In this way, any organization can implement a complete Open Source desktop virtualization solution in just two hours.

The configuration tasks to be carried out are really easy, we have to display our local storage as shared.

In order to do this, we only have to perform these two simple steps:

  • List the Storage Resource (SR) to get the uuid of the selected SR :
  • inline_472_https://www.udsenterprise.com/media/filer_public/f3/06/f306922d-9fe0-4308-aa7d-d7f961a88524/list-storage-resources.jpg

  • Now we change the Shared to True parameter of this Storage Resource (SR) :
  • inline_30_https://www.udsenterprise.com/media/filer_public/7e/e7/7ee7f50a-f0bc-46bd-916d-6da2f50efe7f/shared-true-storage-resource.jpg

    Once this process is completed, our local storage will be available within UDS Enterprise .


    Setting the local storage as shared is only available when the XCP-NG server is not part of any pool (standalone mode).

    This option facilitates the adoption of a joint solution with the VDI UDS Enterprise broker and XCP-ng, the XenServer-based Open Source hypervisor.
    All SMEs will be able to implement this solution totally free, for a maximum of ten concurrent users. They will only need a simple computer with at least 32 Gb of RAM and 500 Gb of disk.

    With UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng any company will be able to facilitate remote working, without jeopardizing their IT infrastructure. In addition, they will have an efficient contingency system always available and enjoy all the advantages that VDI offers compared to a traditional architecture of physical desktops.

    Those companies that require a more complex infrastructure can also leverage these two components to implement a desktop and application virtualization platform.

    This joint solution offers multiple advantages and the possibility of adding the Xen Orchestra management interface. UDS Enterprise supports Windows and Linux VDI and vApp on any type of infrastructure, either on-premise or cloud, any virtualization platform, authentication system and connection protocol. With this connection broker all accesses are tunneled and each of its components can be configured in high availability and load balancing.

    The functionalities of XCP-ng include cluster support, that provides high availability and load balancing, in addition to support for hyperconvergence systems.

    Virtual Cable and Vates the companies behind UDS Enterprise and XCP-ng respectively, work together under a technology alliance agreement to deliver an Open Source VDI and vApp solution with unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    UDS Enterprise is the first connection broker for desktop and application virtualization certified as XCP-ng Ready. It is fully compatible with all versions of this XenServer-based hypervisor, including the newly released XCP-ng 8.1

    Both software can be downloaded at no cost and offer the possibility of contracting subscriptions that give access to an efficient professional support service and product updates. In the case of XCP-ng these subscriptions are by number of hosts and for UDS Enterprise by number of users, including a subscription of unlimited users from 350 onwards.

    For more information access Vates website and for any queries about the UDS Enterprise VDI broker contact our team at [email protected].



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