UDS Enterprise supports most Ubuntu versions for VDI & vApp

by | May 14, 2019

The latest version of the UDS Enterprise connection broker offers the possibility of deploying virtual desktops and applications with the different stable versions of the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

The UDS Enterprise development team has created two versions of the UDS Actor to adapt this component to the particularities of the different releases of this OS and thus improve its efficiency in the management of Ubuntu VDI & vApp. The UDS Actor is the agent that is installed in the virtual machines that are used as templates to deploy virtual desktops and applications.

As you can see in the image below, administrators using UDS Enterprise 2.2.1 will find in the "Downloads" section of their user menu two UDS actors for Linux distributions based on Debian, which is the valid actor for the Ubuntu OS.

If you want to deploy services with Ubuntu 18 or higher, you should use the new Actor 2.2.1 (udsactor_2.2.1_all.deb). To deploy versions prior to Ubuntu 18, you will have to use the Actor 2.2.0 (udsactor_2.2.0_legacy.deb).

The UDS Enterprise team decided to create a new version of this UDS Actor and keep the old one so that the administrators of the platform can optimize their VDI and vApp Ubuntu deployments with our application and desktop virtualization broker.

In this way it is possible to offer the best support for the most recent versions of this OS without overlooking the previous ones, giving service to all users, who have the freedom to choose the version that best suits them, without being forced to update it if they don’t want to.



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