UDS Enterprise supports Nutanix Acropolis 5.1

by | Sep 28, 2017

The new version of our VDI connection broker supports the latest release of the Nutanix hypervisor, Acropolis 5.1. (AHV). The UDS Enterprise development team has made all necessary adjustments to enable UDS Enterprise 2.1 and AHV 5.1 to be fully operationally integrated for deploying virtual desktops and applications. Compatibility has been ensured by performing complete tests in our laboratories that guarantee the perfect integration of both solutions.

Nutanix also certifies the optimal performance of UDS Enterprise with its hypervisor, since it has qualified our connection broker Nutanix Ready for its integration with AHV, and for the deployment of virtual desktops. The joint collaboration of the two companies developing the two solutions, Nutanix and VirtualCable, will continue to results throughout this year, as both companies have signed an agreement Technology Alliance Program.

The most important innovations of AHV are the increase of memory and CPU, and the support of GPU pass-through so that virtual desktops with high graphic demand, like those used for design and manufacturing, can take the most advantage of the GPUs, since the virtual machines communicate directly with them. Thanks to the compatibility of the two solutions, users of UDS Enterprise can enjoy all of the features of AHV in their virtual desktops and applications.

UDS Enterprise 2.1 has been specially designed to be practically compatible with the latest versions of all hypervisors on the market, which can be enabled simultaneously according to the needs of each project. In addition to AHV, UDS Enterprise supports the latest releases of Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, RHEV KVM, oVirt KVM, VMware vSphere



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