UDS Enterprise 3.0 supports Proxmox for Windows and Linux VDI

by | May 27, 2020

The next version of the UDS Enterprise VDI broker will include a new service provider highly demanded by the community. This is Proxmox Virtual Environment, a KVM-based Open Source virtualization platform, very easy to install and manage.

UDS Enterprise 3.0 gives even more flexibility and freedom to IT professionals, who can fully exploit the possibilities of deploying Windows and Linux virtual desktops on Proxmox. The development team wanted to offer all possible options to those who choose to use UDS Enterprise and Proxmox for their VDI deployments. They will be able to use this virtualization platform in both stand-alone and cluster mode and the servers may be on-premise or in the cloud.

Proxmox integrates LXC containers, software-defined storage, and networking on a single platform. Besides, it easily manages high availability clusters and disaster recovery tools in the web management interface. UDS Enterprise compatibility enables IT managers with this connection broker to add these interesting features to their desktop and application virtualization platform.

The incorporation of this new service provider responds to one of the maxims of the UDS Enterprise team: listening to the requests of customers, partners, and its large community of users. The software roadmap is based on the demands and suggestions of all of them, to ensure that UDS Enterprise fully adapts to the real needs that organizations have at all times. In recent months, a multitude of requests have been received referring to the inclusion of Proxmox in the list of supported virtualization platforms and, therefore, it has been included in UDS Enterprise 3.0.

Proxmox support is just one of the many new features and improvements related to service providers that the next version of the software will incorporate. Also noteworthy is the Microsoft Hyper-V clusters support and advanced functionalities in RDS, as well as compatibility with the latest versions and new configuration options for the different supported platforms.

UDS Enterprise 3.0 is currently in beta phase. The UDS Enterprise development team is making the latest adjustments to the new version of our connection broker. While they are refining the new features and functionalities of the software, we will unveil the main new features added to this VDI broker. Stay tuned!



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