The UDS Enterprise VDI broker is compatible with Windows 11

by | Nov 5, 2021

Thanks to the work of our development team, the stable version of the UDS Enterprise connection broker supports Windows 11; Microsoft's latest update, which was released on October 5.

Administrators of a VDI platform with UDS Enterprise can now deliver to users virtual desktops with the new version of Microsoft’s operating system. In this way, they can benefit from all the advantages of centrally and automatically deploying and managing virtual desktops with the latest Windows 11 enhancements.

Likewise, users can now access UDS Enterprise with devices with Windows 11 operating system. Thus, they have at their disposal all the necessary tools for day-to-day work available through virtual desktops, virtual applications –both Windows and Linux– and remotely accessible machines –Windows, Linux, and, as of the next software update, macOS.

This VDI solution with Windows 11 brings all the advantages of UDS Enterprise: flexible access, centralized management and standardization of all workstations, high levels of automation of the life cycle of the desktops, quick and easy scalability, reinforced security and cost savings, among others.

Once again, after ten years of experience developing VDI software, Virtual Cable, manufacturer of UDS Enterprise, confirms its commitment to ensure that its service is available to all users by supporting the latest releases of operating systems.

Along these lines, the success of UDS Enterprise technology to implement remote work with Windows 10 VDI during the year of the pandemic is noteworthy. Thus, during the Covid-19 alarm state, remote working using Windows 10 virtual desktops was made possible for many healthcare professionals at Los Arcos del Mar Menor General University Hospital (Murcia), who could carry out their tasks from home. Félix Santiago Melián Group (FSM) and the Benalmádena City Council (Malaga) also relied on Virtual Cable to guarantee their employees’ remote working in optimal and efficient conditions using VDI with Windows 10.

What’s new in Windows 11

After a year of work, Microsoft launched the latest generation of Windows at the beginning of October, thus redesigning parts of the operating system that weren’t touched for more than a decade. In this way, Microsoft begins its software modernization plan for the next few years.

Among the novelties, the new iconography based on the design lines of Fluent Design stands out, a renewed start menu focused on gaining greater prominence and a taskbar rescued from Windows 10X.

In addition, Microsoft incorporates a new Chat application; an integration with Microsoft Teams which allows you to send messages for free, make calls, etc., between Windows 11 users.

Read the full press release here.

For more information about UDS Enterprise VDI compatibility with Windows 11, you can email us at [email protected]



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